NEXT intends to create a collaborative platform to support innovation and technology transfer in the Countries of the Adriatic area.


The enlarged concept of Europe calls nowadays for capabilities of managing diversity and competitiveness while at the same time maintaining cohesion. 

In this context, the macro Adriatic Region represents concrete possibility for overcoming restrictions and contrasts, and offers new opportunities especially in the field of research, innovation and technology transfer. 

These concepts are recently facing new challenges due to factors such as: 

  • the impact of globalization; 
  • the emergence of new pervasive products and technologies; 
  • the difficulty in finding financial resources for R&I in particular in an atomized and undercapitalized 

industrial context; 

  • the consciousness that innovation takes place in “systems” or open networks, through the interaction of actors which are different in competences, skills, objectives. 

NEXT is an answer to these challenges, offering a “place of integration and cooperation” based on an ori-ginal mix of virtual services (online platform for information sharing, access to common services, etc.) and material services/products provided directly to partners, SMEs, research and technology transfer centers, institutions and other stakeholders, for integrating and capitalizing their knowledge and boosting techno-logy transfer and knowledge exploitation in the leading innovation sectors of the Adriatic area. 

The NEXT project arises from the considerations on the role of innovation, transnational networks and co-operation as levers of national economic development and, more generally, of the increase in competitive capacity of enterprises through better connections with the innovation circuits.